Changing the World Through Responsible Businesses

Responsibility is something that runs through our veins.

Since winning the BiTC Responsible Business of the Year Award in 2017, we’ve really seen how it can help change the ways both ourselves, and our clients, work.

It’s changing the world, bit by responsible bit. Here are just a few ways we’re seeing it happen:

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  1. Filet-o-fish protection

McDonalds phasing out plastic straws from their UK branches, helping stop the tide of plastic waste that ends up in the sea. New paper straws are being developed. We’re loving it.

  1. Culture changes

More businesses are putting responsible culture at the heart of what they do, helping them connect with colleagues and customers in a genuine way.

  1. It’s not about starting from scratch

It’s not about redefining your business. Just doing something small can create big results, starting the momentum that creates change organically.

  1. Generation Y wouldn’t you?

Almost three quarters of Gen Z and Y are willing to pay more for sustainable services. IKEA’s sustainable range now generates a whopping one billion dollars. Generation OMG. 

  1. Freezing waste

In another anti-plastic push, Iceland are showing plastic packaging the cold shoulder as they look to remove it from all branded products.

  1. i-nnovation

BMW’s i range is not only emission free, but it’s also built from sustainable materials. Redesigning products with the environment in mind creates new business opportunities without harming anyone.

  1. Environmental employees

It’s not just your customers who want to see you act responsibly. At Unilever, half of all new employees claim the company’s ethical approach was their main reason for joining.

  1. Sustainability pays off

Some of the biggest businesses in the world are built around beliefs. IKEA, Unilever and WholeFoods can all point to their responsible roots for where their success stories started.

  1. Recharge then recycle

Coffee cups are made to stop your hands burning while you sip your soya latte. They’re not made to be easily recyclable. Costa has pledged to change that, with half a billion coffee cups set to be recycled by 2020.

  1. Believing in something

As a business, what you believe in really matters. More and more customers are basing their buying decisions on business views, so it’s important to stay tuned in with your audience’s opinions and make sure yours are genuine.


We help our clients understand how their culture can play a big role in their commercial success. We know how to do it because it’s what we do ourselves, every day. This doesn’t happen in a flash – it takes work and a shift in beliefs and attitudes.

But if you lead in a responsible way, employees and customers will follow, and eventually you’ll be a responsible business fighting us for the BiTC title. Bring it on.

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