Changing hearts and minds with a provocative 12-month inclusion and diversity campaign.

  1. Our campaign tagline sent a clear, positive message: ‘Inclusion is about everyone.’
  2. Created intranet content, infographics, news and a series of vlogs with personal perspectives
  3. Designed posters and banners to support the campaign for 55 head office sites across the UK
  4. Bespoke presentation pack downloaded over 4,700 times by managers across the Group


To meet the needs of all their customers and communities, and take a leadership position, Lloyds Banking Group made inclusion and diversity a key part of their Best Bank for Customers vision. Previously, the Group found that their existing strategy wasn't uniting people. Now they wanted to engage every colleague with their strategy, shifting the focus from diversity to genuine inclusion.


We designed a three-phase campaign over a 12-month period, with a campaign strapline – ‘It's about everyone’ – to represent the shift from diversity to a more positive message. We focused on increasing the engagement of colleagues by driving awareness and behavioural change, while considering external media to create impact and address Lloyds’ public promise.


Posters and pop-up banners caught colleagues’ attention, while downloadable, shareable infographics shared key messages across internal and external channels. We created intranet banners, news stories and launched a dedicated ‘everyone’ microsite, and shared presentation packs for managers to download and update with information bespoke to their division.


The very first news item about the campaign on their intranet received 14,050 views – double the amount of hits expected. In just eight days, the animated banners achieved almost 10,000 clicks to the microsite. Plus, the presentation pack has been downloaded 4,700 times by managers across the group, on average 64 times a day since the launch.

“Our Inclusion and Diversity campaign helped to start the conversation, emphasise the value and importance of difference, and make every colleague feel a part of the story.”

Halina Kukula, Account Director, We are Vista

The first I&D news received 14,050 views; double the average hits
Presentation pack downloaded over 4,700 times by managers
In eight days, the banners achieved almost 10,000 clicks to the microsite