Re-engaging Vodafone’s 16-25 market with a bold, energetic identity for its sub-brand, VOXI.

  1. Translating Vodafone’s youth brand VOXI for a nationwide brand launch
  2. Creating a manifesto of key values to get people fully behind the charge
  3. Implementing a focused campaign strategy and digital photo-sharing platform
  4. Promoting content on Twitter to maximise brand exposure


Vodafone were struggling to connect with the youth market. They were seen as the network for older users, and needed a fresh, energetic, business offering to drive excitement and belief with 16-25-year olds. They wanted ensure a lasting impact with their new launch, by engaging and educating colleagues on VOXI.


We worked closely with Vodafone’s core team to translate their new, unique youth brand ‘VOXI’ for nationwide brand launch. We created a strong, joined-up messaging platform to sell the story, and a manifesto of key values to get the audience fully behind the change. And meet the target of 12% of their internal audience signing up as brand ambassadors.


We implemented a focused campaign strategy, covering everything from pre-launch communications and engaging content throughout the actual launch, to film, design and digital expertise to support VOXI’s entrance to the market. We developed a digital photo-sharing platform, where flare screens in Vodafone receptions allowed live content to be streamed and photos to be shared. We also built ‘VOXI Pods’ – life-size, branded interactive video pods where VOXI could come alive through 8 pages of tailored content, crafted to fully immerse, engage and ultimately educate colleagues.


Our ability to create experiential and digital interactions and thread the VOXI identity through all channels allowed us to instigate real transformation for Vodafone. By promoting content on the right channels, we had a 100% sign up rate for the brand ambassador scheme, even closing the portal early. People engaged with an average of 8 pages per session in the VOXI pods, showing a 100% engagement rate with the content we curated. These stats are a great indication of how we generated interest within Vodafone, successfully engaging and educating colleagues on VOXI – even recruiting a small army of brand advocates With an exciting, aspirational new brand fully present and ready to interact across all channels, Vodafone is primed to take on the youth market.

“The VOXI Launch was a perfect example of how intelligence and insight can make change happen. VOXI appeared at the right time, in the right place, to the right people.”

Callum Barr, Project Manager, We are Vista

Driving excitement and belief with 16-25 year olds
Generating 115,000 likes on Twitter
220,000 retweets maximised exposure