Engaging a younger audience for MINI Financial Services

  1. Grow millennial audience across social media
  2. Shift perception and create awareness around the MINI Financial Services brand
  3. Create a multi-platform digital campaign using film and photography
  4. Showcase what MINI Financial Services can do for young people


MINI Financial Services wanted to grow their millennial audience across social media, where engagement with their product was previously low. Our brief was to shift perception and create awareness around the brand, showing it as an affordable finance option for young people who were buying an approved used MINI car.


We harnessed the power of social media, to create a multi-platform digital campaign, using film and photography, designed to showcase what MINI Financial Services could do for young people. We used actors from the target audience to make the content authentic. The campaign took a lifestyle approach, with aspirational content that showed followers what lifestyle they could achieve through MINI FS. Influencers across fashion, lifestyle and wellbeing were given their own MINI Cooper to help them create authentic social posts, showing their followers what they could do with their #KeysToFreedom.


The campaign ran for six weeks, with organic and paid posts being scheduled for maximum exposure. This approach ensured content was seen in feeds at peak usage times for our target audience, with influencers also being briefed to follow suit.


This was the first social media campaign the brand has run, boosting brand awareness across Facebook and Instagram. The highest levels of engagement came from the 26-36 age bracket, showing how the target audience responded in the desired way.

Funnily enough 11 years ago my biggest jump of freedom came when I brought my first MINI in electric blue! Does anyone remember their first time behind the wheel on their own?!

Tessa Seward AKA London Paleo Girl, Influencer, London

Engaging with influencers' combined audience of 202,800 followers across Instagram
Highest level of engagement came from the 26-36 age bracket
Four influencers spanning fashion, lifestyle and travel