Delivering a fresh, emotive experience to bring the history of the MINI brand to life.

  1. Revamping MINI’s iconic Plant Oxford museum
  2. Curating wall graphics exploring 100 years of MINI
  3. Creating interactive elements to get hands-on with the brand
  4. Increasing sales leads with bespoke environments for each car model


MINI wanted to refurbish and relaunch their brand museum and visitor centre at the iconic Plant Oxford – the birthplace and heart of MINI production – to bring the history of the brand to life and celebrate 100 years of being an iconic British institution.


We began curating an experience that focused on showing each car model in its ‘scene’ environment, while telling the brand story in an interactive way. We generated content for graphic panels, integrated films and photo booth imagery to shape an interactive brand experience.


We designed, curated and built a revamped reception and retail space, three briefing room areas, and the museum itself – which we transformed into an explorable drinks reception for the ‘MINI Retailer of the Year Awards’, leading into the neighbouring conference space.


We received great feedback from all key stakeholders – creating a ‘Home of MINI’ that Plant Oxford workers could really be proud of. And by creating a more effective use of the reception area and museum space, we helped facilitate a larger number of tour groups.

“The MINI Museum was an opportunity to distil everything we know about the brand into one iconic environment, transform the visitor experience and leave a lasting impression on a unique British Institution.”

Rebecca Herd, Project Manager, We are Vista

Curated content for 50 graphic panels
Designed and fitted out three new briefing areas
Built 25 bespoke modular wall units