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Social media film campaign increases awareness of TSB’s charity partnerships.

  1. Raising awareness of TSB’s charity partner initiative to increase charity nominations
  2. Designing a suite of 40-second films telling first-person perspectives of people impacted
  3. Curating an audio narrative with point-of-view shots to give an insight into different lives
  4. Social media campaign reached audiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


TSB’s purpose as the local bank for Britain means they support over 450 local charities every year through their charity partner initiative. They wanted to raise awareness of their purpose and promote how the public could nominate local charities and directly benefit service users.


To increase the number of nominations and engage audiences with the brand’s commitment to local charities, we saw the perfect promotion opportunity in social media. We designed a suite of 40-second films telling first-person perspectives of individuals impacted by TSB’s charity partnerships. The social media campaign reached audiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We began by capturing the individuals’ personal stories through in-depth interviews. From there, we curated a 40-second audio narrative of their story and experiences, giving the audience an insight into their lives and how their respective charity helped them. Using these emotionally-led stories, we filmed complementing point-of-view shots using cameras held by the individuals to show the world through their eyes. Each sequence was supported by carefully composed cutaways, building an engaging visual narrative.


Social media viewing habits meant we had to catch people’s eyes in the very first frame to keep them watching. And, it worked. TSB wanted to drive at least 25,000 clicks to the nominations site, but the social campaign brought over 45,000 clicks. Our engaging, attention-grabbing short films increased charity nominations to the initiative by 7%.

This project lined up perfectly with our agency values, and we loved working creatively to tell such a resonant story for TSB. We channelled emotion and warmth to raise awareness at every touchpoint, and the results speak for themselves.

Andrew Lennox, Producer/Director, We are Vista

1,598,449 views vs 331,253 in 2016 – 383% increase
27,174 nominations vs 25,292 in 2016 – 7% increase
45,014 clicks – 20,000 more than targeted