Change is coming

Giving you a snapshot into how UK enterprises feels about business transformation today against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and how here at We are Vista we have helped organisations overcome these barriers to change to land outstanding results.

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In summary, our research, insight and experience has led us to cover the following topics:

  1. Change is coming – whether it’s new leadership, mergers, acquisitions or digital transformation – it’s coming
  2. Preparing for change – this is where purpose comes in, employees need to be aware of your company vision so they can join the journey
  3. Determine your ambition – be clear on your direction, how you intend to get there and communicate this to all levels of the business
  4. Motivation is key – your employees are all different – different mindsets mean different motivations, make sure your employee engagement strategy reflects that
  5. Communication from the leadership team – purpose and strategy need to come from the top and be communicated to your workforce

Have a read of the full report below:

Image source: Bethany Legg