Four trends in 2018

Cultural trends to inspire your next Experiential

Showing that you’re well informed about what matters to audiences, builds loyalty and trust in a brand. So, it’s important to consider cultural trends – and the innovations they bring – when creating a brand experience.

This encourages internal and external audiences to think about you, in the context of what’s happening in the world around them. We’ve got the low down on four key trends to look out for in 2018, and inform your next experiential activation or campaign.

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Crowd economy

People are looking outside their own resources, for opportunities to learn and collaborate. And with connections enabled through an array of social platforms, this is made easier than ever before.

Dating apps are still experiencing a massive high, even inspiring new Tinder-esque professional networking app, shapr. Complete with swipe left, swipe right, no-nonsense member screening – for all of those “time poor” professionals. People can diversify their network and seek opportunities in a moment of chance.

The impact of any live communication is limited when working in silo, and there’s an opportunity here to experiment with tech. Digital Strategy, when deployed well, can offer a veritable pick and mix of tech to help make a lasting impact. Networking and collaboration have evolved – giving brand experiences inspiration to follow suit.

Infinity and beyond

From fashion to functional design and even tourism, space feels closer to home than ever before – bringing a world of science-fiction to life. The technology that’s developed whilst designing for harsh environments, inspires innovation within spatial design and experiential communications.

We’re also on the brink of accessible space travel! With the very real prospect of a full-on tourist economy on the horizon.

Exploration and adventure are hotly anticipated, and brands can utilise Creative Direction, Event Design and Digital Strategy to bring this to audiences. Introducing people to burgeoning technologies and new ways of thinking. With technological exploration on the fast track, this a key trend to watch in 2018.

Retail reinvention

Retail as we know it is going through a rapid period change and, for some brands, real uncertainty. But with every new twist of fate, there’s an opportunity to innovate – 2018 will be the year of reimagining spaces.

The element of surprise, and an inventive use of space, offers an engaging approach to experiential. Supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes – people feel connected to these spaces in very prescriptive ways.

Bringing a unique experience to them offers a fresh perspective, breathing new life into brick-and-mortar. Think about the places your audience connects with, and how you can challenge them to think and behave differently within them.

A wellness revolution

Wellness will be a huge focus across industries and engaging internal audiences is key. From resilience training, to yoga and meditation. There will be an emphasis on making time for headspace, with employers as the driving force.

This has been a key factor in many of our internal engagement campaigns with clients. And proven a great topic to explore with experiential.

For example, at one client’s largest annual stakeholder event, we incorporated a Wellbeing Dome – one of several activation areas transforming the space. We hosted an agenda of 10-minute TED Talks about mental health, promoting an open-culture of acceptance and support.

As we move into 2018, self-care is high up on the agenda – at home and in the workplace – with employers, social media influencers and technology embracing the wellness revolution.

This topic also puts your audience at the centre of the story. A key strategy in creating engaging content, that has a lasting impact.



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