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Design Your Life – Vince Frost

Our favourite reads

Design Your Life by Vince Frost is a chronological insight into the life of acclaimed graphic designer, Vince Frost, and his philosophies on design, health, relationships, family and everything in-between. He now runs Frost*collective, his world famous agency ideas studio.

The 238 page book is not a long read, but it is a good read. The sheer honesty in the content is not only relatable but captivating. Knowing that someone so prolific came from such humble beginnings gives hope not only to me, but the masses of graduates out there. Its timing is perfect and essential.

The book follows Vince around the world, from his unassuming childhood through to his evolution at Pentagon, cameo at Vogue and modern history with Frost*collective.

Unlike most books there are no chapters, but instead a range of sections all related to different facets of design and philosophy as understood by Vince. I’d recommend that everyone experience the book from front to back though. There are 27 sections made up of 15 principles, 10 interviews, a preface, an introduction, a conclusion and an index. A compendium to design your life.

The interviews are good, but the principles are what I enjoyed the most. Not only is each principle easy to understand, they are each underpinned by a story or anecdotes about how Vince came to understand the importance of each principle first hand. This approach to literature brought me closer to the author and as a result helped me understand my own life experiences in a new light, giving me some well needed revitalisation.

Some sections make you laugh out loud, yet some chapters are quite serious and thought provoking. Many sections literally give you the mental pat on the back needed to get back in the game and enjoy life for what it is. Being a book with a chronological element, there will be at least one chapter which speaks directly into your soul due to the content resonating with the issues and problems you and I are currently experiencing. And this is another reason why I loved this book and decided to share it with our whole design team at We are Vista.

At no stage does the content make you feel like you’re too old, too far gone or not good enough. It helps you understand that when the sun comes up tomorrow, each of us will be blessed with the opportunity to make a difference in our lives.

My favourite section was on page 144: Say “Yes” and mean it

“Yes” is a symbol of outward positivity. It’s a willingness to connect with something that comes your way – in business or in your personal life. It means you are present and open to change and unforeseen opportunities. However, meaning it is equally important. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Set yourself achievable goals to help you deliver success.

Here are our Junior Designer, Steph’s thoughts on the book

One of my favourite parts Design Your Life was the ‘Eat the Frog’ principle. Vince talks about the idea of a 80:20 ratio of how difficult something is. 80 percent of a task is easier than 20 percent of a task. He talks about tackling the hardest part first, rather than leaving it until the end, as he believes that this is a more efficient way of working. He refers to this as ‘eating the frog’ – if you had to eat a frog, the longer you leave it the harder it becomes!

If you apply this principle to parts of your work day and the projects that you work on, in my opinion, I’ve found that a lot of the time it really does work. Rather than dreading the hardest part of the brief, just get on with it. Do it and it’s done. And then you don’t spend all day thinking about it. I give this book 9 out of 10 frogs.