The Weekly Debrief

From AI career coaches to VR plane rides

We’re a creative bunch. Ideas are what get us up in the morning, and when we see a good one, we can’t help but share it. Whether it’s on a lengthy email chain, a scrap of paper left in a meeting room, or a post on our Workplace group – ideas are always flying around the We are Vista Studio.

This is our round up of the best of them. This is the Weekly Debrief.

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Introducing the AI career coach

It’s November, the notoriously busy period for any business, meaning staying on top of employee training and promotions can be tricky – or can it? This month saw the launch of ‘Workforce Dimensions’, a collaboration between Kronos Incorporated and IBM. The new technology is aimed at improving the engagement, career development and retention of hourly workers – therefore simplifying managers workloads, duh.

Using the Watson Career Coach technology, ‘Workforce Dimensions’ will provide employees with personalised training recommendations and career advice regarding promotions and can be accessed in seconds via smart phones.

This all sounds amazing – but what happened to coffee and a catch up?

Faraway destinations at the touch of a button

This month, Dutch airline KLM, released the iFly VR kit – allowing potential customers to gain sneak previews of faraway destinations before they book.

Travel content has become increasingly popular, with more and more people sharing their photos and videos across social media. The 360 degree videos can be viewed using VR glasses, a tablet or a smartphone – allowing people to experience everything from the jungle to the mountains, all in the comfort of their gran’s armchair.

Hosted by “Fearless Chef” Kiran Jethwa, the videos capture some of the most beautiful places in the world, drawing viewers in with mind-blowing scenes of white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters. This is a great example of VR being used to help holiday makers choose their next adventure, with many airlines augmenting brand awareness and promoting luxurious experiences. 

A hub of discovery  

This week, Google launched the long-awaited Pixel 3 and with it, the Curiosity Rooms!

For five weeks, the folks at Google are taking over 55 Regent Street, in London – hosting workshops, talks, food, music and much more. And the best bit? It’s completely free.

The idea is that with Google’s Pixel 3, you’ll be given the key to unlock a world of creativity – never missing out on anything ever again. Get up close and personal with some of London’s hottest creatives, or enjoy an immersive dining experience with columnist, Grace Dent – igniting your curiosity with every room.

Image source: KLM