The Weekly Debrief

From confrontational supermarkets to getting wrapped up with Spotify

We’re a creative bunch. Ideas are what get us up in the morning, and when we see a good one, we can’t help but share it. Whether its on a lengthy email chain, a scrap of paper left in a meeting room, or a post on our Workplace group – ideas are always flying around the We are Vista Studio.

This is our round up of the best of them. This is the Weekly Debrief.

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Wrapping up the year with Spotify

We’d go as far as saying Spotify’s annual Wrapped campaign is the highlight of the year for most people. Making its debut in 2016, the ingenious campaign uses data to tell quirky stories based around users’ listening habits. For some, it could even be more important than Christmas day itself.

Back for 2018, Spotify has expanded globally, shining a light over 50+ artists – now including podcast listening too.

The campaign has to be one of the most consistently successful end-of-year campaigns to date, with users waiting with baited breath for the big reveal every December. Spotify has taken a universal love of music and transformed it into some of the funniest billboard graphics we’ve seen.

The Wrapped campaign has turned something as simple as listening to music, into a highly-anticipated annual data reveal that no one wants to miss out on.

If you haven’t already checked out your #2018Wrapped, a) where have you been? and b) do it now!

BMW launch the model of the future

It’s been a busy old year for our client BMW, more recently so with the announcement of the highly-automated, emission-free and fully-connected car – Vision iNEXT – designed to feel like a living space on wheels.

The car will go into full production in 2021, sporting imposing beaver-teeth grilles and an aerodynamic tail end, with bonus features such as an integrated invisible technology system, that only appears when required.

Developments in electric mobility this year has seen driving manufacturers worldwide adapting to provide a more connected, adaptable driving experience for consumers.

The BMW iNEXT is just one of the many electric/hybrid vehicles set to grace the roads in the future – making a huge step in the journey of sustainability.

Lidl on the loose

Known for their cheeky tone of voice and often found poking fun at competitors – this Christmas, Lidl have taken the banter to a whole new level with their latest outdoor campaign.

The discount supermarket has revealed a series of posters boasting about its Christmas bargains and very daringly displayed them over existing ads of rival supermarkets. The naughty ads were setup just 100 metres from the rival stores and can be found up and down the country.

Written by Geoff Smith and directed by Simon Morris, the campaign highlights that there is no need to have an expensive Christmas this festive period – Lidl will not only save you money, but the products taste just as good.

Image source: Spotify