The Weekly Debrief

From Dr. Google to stories made of paper

We’re a creative bunch. Ideas are what get us up in the morning, and when we see a good one, we can’t help but share it. Whether it’s on a lengthy email chain, a scrap of paper left in a meeting room, or a post on our Workplace group – ideas are always flying around the We are Vista Studio.

This is our round up of the best of them. This is the Weekly Debrief.

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Taking non-emergency action

NHS England has switched up its advertising approach by tapping into that oh-so-human instinct of catastrophising. The public health service created a campaign to promote the non-urgent 111 phoneline.

111 is the number for healthcare needs that don’t quite warrant a 999 call, but still have minds racing and thoughts churning. The new ad reflects that perfectly, featuring a stomach-pain sufferer as he envisions a deluge of possible diagnoses thanks to the depths of the worldwide web.

We’ve all been there. A painful big toe becomes unavoidable amputated leg in just a few clicks. A headache grows into a rare tropical disease. Mild chest pain? Seconds to live. 111 is the antidote to ‘Dr Google’, and it’s all the more important as winter kicks in.

Have a look at the video here, and think twice before Googling your next mystery symptom.

Let’s put this to bed

Homelessness is an epidemic in cities across the UK, and in Greater Manchester – where 5,564 people are known to sleep rough every night – another agency is tapping into the power of humour to raise awareness.

An interactive billboard was revealed, which gamifies the donation process by instigating healthy debate over age-old regional differences. Asking questions such as ‘barm or roll?’ and ‘dinner or tea’, the campaign encourages the public to vote their answer, (by texting MCRB66 to 70070, if you were wondering) automatically donating £1 to local charity, Centrepoint as they do.

To be unveiled on the Axis in Deansgate Castlefield on 4th February, the campaign channels the universal device of wit to tackle one of the most serious problems faced by our generation. Take a look here.

31 days of paper

And now for something completely different, as we head over to the world of paper illustrations to meet Brazilian artist, Rafa Miqueleto.

Combining geometric forms and typography with contrasting colours and weights of paper, the series creates a powerful tactile effect. Rafa used manual techniques to put the pieces together, shunning technology to pay tribute to a different era of design.

The cuts, curves and colours of the project build a 31-illustration story – you can take a look here.

Image source: Rafa Miqueleto