How we make ideas our everyday

From inspiration to impact

“When we succumb to the fantasy that we can professionalise creativity, that we can extract the play, unpredictability, and human element out of the process, that it can be treated like the manufacturing process, repeatable and reliable in its methods, then we place the potential of creativity in serious jeopardy.”

Martin Weigel

Sometimes, great ideas just happen. Every now and then, light-bulb moments and new realms of possibility illuminate in a sudden flash of inspiration.

But while creativity knows no limits, there are few things not improved by a solid foundation. An idea shared is a future idea multiplied: with every conversation, every story and every heated debate, minds expand and imaginations grow more fearless.

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At We are Vista, we create dynamic, engaging stories. We build strategies to move mindsets and change behaviour at scale – but what comes first is our own story: the first step in the journey towards lasting impact.

Keeping inspiration and creativity alive is high on the agenda. For us, that means being keen observers of people, the choices they make and the ways they interact. We’re always listening, watching and sharing to build a bigger, more connected picture of why people take the actions they take, and what moves or inspires them.


It all starts with psychology, and there are hundreds of studies about the science and structure of behaviour. In 2017, internet users searched ‘how’ more than ever, showing how our approach to the world around is saturated with a desire to understand and improve it.

More and more, our curious mindsets put us at the heart of our own stories. The way we use those stories to make people feel something new or trigger change must be responsive to the changing cultural and technological landscape if it is to be supported by it. In the words of Ridley Scott: ‘if you keep storytelling at the heart of everything you do, you’ll be able to adapt and change alongside innovation in the digital realm.’


Ridley Scott’s words, spoken at Cannes 2018, inspired us to recalibrate our thinking around how stories work as a framework for every creative strategy and campaign. We debated the relationship between technology and creativity; we explored the power of emotion – how making your audience feel smart, energised or confident can help brand narratives blossom; and we experienced first-hand the impact of working towards a shared purpose.

Sharing the psychology that inspires us grounds our understanding of our own mindsets – it forms the basis of how we experience about other elements of creativity day-to-day. The belief that storytelling is the most powerful mechanism to inspire change and empower connection helps us contextualise the big ideas, and use them to grow our own.

Every day, our mindsets adapt to the world we face into – shaped by changing experiences and relationships, as associations and preferences fluctuate. This living, breathing process is the psychological and creative backbone to our approach – constantly evolving to mould and move beliefs, attitudes and feelings, and rooted in the psychology of the everyday experience.


With a broad brush, we can define ‘the arts’ as the physical expression of human creativity. The arts is where inspiration becomes impact. Every time we share inventive ideas, our subconscious bank of creativity grows bigger, giving us greater resource to tap into – even if we don’t realise we’re doing it.

Showstopping artistic moments give us the tools to move emotions. When we heighten the impact of a film with orchestral music; when the movement of a dancer’s live performance inspires the curve of typography; when poetry moves seamlessly into advertising copy; or when cutting-edge architecture elevates our latest elevation – that’s the final stage in the journey.

Inspiration is about thinking deeply, preparing for the mind-blowing ideas, exploring every artform, and sharing our experience every step of the way. It’s about becoming the hero of our own stories, and letting imagination lay the foundation for serious impact.

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash