The Weekly Debrief

From January blues to shop til you drop

We’re a creative bunch. Ideas are what get us up in the morning, and when we see a good one, we can’t help but share it. Whether it’s on a lengthy email chain, a scrap of paper left in a meeting room, or a post on our Workplace group – ideas are always flying around the We are Vista Studio.

This is our round up of the best of them. This is the Weekly Debrief.

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Monzo maxes out with customer data

New year, new you, right? You know the drill. As we leave our annual 31 days of indulgence behind and plod on into the icily abstemious days ahead, mobile bank, Monzo, is helping us reflect on our spending – indulgent or otherwise.

Following the lead of Spotify’s legendary data-based ad campaign, ‘Your Year in Monzo’ gives unwitting bankers of the smartphone generation to see how much money they spent, where they spent it, and who they sent it too.

Head over to Monzo’s blog to see some very real examples. Or if you’re a Monzo customer, check your email to discover more reasons to feel guilty this January.

Pepsi feels the love

The start of 2019 comes with exciting news for fans of the slightly less mainstream brown fizzy drink. Pepsi has revealed its first new global brand platform in a whopping seven years, with a bold new campaign entitled ‘For The Love Of It’ set to roll out across the world as the year progresses.

New packaging, new TV commercials and new digital ads are all in the pipeline to bring the visual identity to life and spread the message far and wide. And what is the message? Well obviously, it’s all about celebrating Pepsi as a delicious drink that the world loves, and delivering a rallying cry to encourage people to do what they love (football, music, sugar, etc.).

In another very clearly brand-aligned move, the conglomerate has partnered with Pop Idol mastermind, Simon Fuller and his new globally inclusive pop group, Now United, to develop a new jingle and musical mnemonic for Pepsi.

Are we being watched?

It’s a sad but acknowledged truth that high street retailers are going bust left, right and centre in the current climate. Technology, digital platforms and rising expectations for evermore instant gratification have fuelled that trend, but could developing tech help as well as hinder retailers as they strive to stay afloat?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning could be key to transformation in the industry, with research showing that retailers focusing on these innovations are growing 30% faster and delivering 50% higher profits than those who aren’t.

It all comes down to analysis – using AI to understand and predict consumers’ ever-changing behaviour can enable retailers to offer more personalised communications and experiences than ever before. Thanks to this practice, supply chains become more efficient, with digital and physical stores integrating more seamlessly to improve the whole shopping experience.

Recently, Footasylum recorded a 28% uplift in revenues generated from its email marketing communications – all because it began using AI to draw insights based on past behavioural and transactional data from both in-store and online.

Brands like Levi and Calvin Klein have also jumped on the technology bandwagon, enabling customers to give instant feedback on the brands and styles they’d normally shop for, and in turn accessing the data to create more personalised shopping experiences for everyone.

Innovations in connectivity and digital tech are also helping brands from Apple to IKEA make shopping experiences more memorable, enhance physical store displays, and increase relevance through social media. You can read more about these emerging trends over on the ICF blog.

There’s clearly a wealth of value, insight and potential to be tapped into as tech dominates the spotlight more and more each day. So yes – we are being watched, but at least we’ll get some nice retail therapy to help us forget about it.

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