The Story of Design

The character of colour

Design is plan, design is pattern. Design is purpose, prototype and perfection. Design is past, present and future – a constantly evolving force of visuals with the power to take you on a journey to the ends of the earth.

At We are Vista, design is part of our story. We harness its energy to craft creative, make trends our own, and build captivating campaigns. If this paragraph is the poetry, this blog series is the how, the what and the why – welcome to the story of design. If this paragraph is the poetry, this blog series is the how, the what and the why – with insights from the brilliant mind of our Design Director, Dan Lindley, this is the story of design.

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Artful photography

Stories wouldn’t be stories without characters, and as vibrant personalities come to life through photography, photoshoots become bolder, edgier, with illustrative set designs to add contrast and depth.

More and more, photographs leap from pages and screens – propelled by handmade colourama, enhanced with 3D mappings and visualisations, and energised by gels and filters. Today, it’s about using colour to instil moods and emotions into the essence of the image.

It’s about photographers and art directors returning to analogue techniques to craft memorable effects and environments – leaving Photoshop behind in a celebration of physical creativity.

As illumination, fading and contrasts build endless fusions of interest and beauty, 2018 is the year of possibilities for colour in photography, and the story is set to continue


And now for the story that everyone wants to hear. The story of true love – of matches built to last, pairings that complement, colours that interweave and highlight each other’s strengths to create the highest of impact.

Duotones are the love story of design in 2018. By no means a new invention, but a timeless classic brought back into the mainstream by the likes of Spotify, these minimalistic reproductions represent style with the strength to catch eyes, emphasise action and clarify messaging.

Vivid brights & colour gradients

2017 saw a surge in the use of bold, brave colours to bring design to life and transform flat concepts into multi-dimensional masterpieces. Now, we can expect to see gradients and vividness translate into packaging design, combining with diverse textures to create innovation across channels, markets and products.

As gradients become symbols of freshness, coolness and the new digital-first generation, their impact is set to grow, joining forces with patterns and geometric shapes to create living, breathing energy for brands.


Classic stories are told again and again, creating impact and sparking imaginations time after time. In 2018, the return of holographic effects is making designs magical, playful and full of futuristic dreams, as metallic materials shimmer – reflecting the power of the past and hinting at the possibilities of the future.

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Supersaturation sadness: Local Preacher

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