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Changing perceptions of electric cars for BMW with an immersive series of multi-sensory activations.

  1. Delivering a series of three-day activations showcasing the benefits of electric cars
  2. Transforming carpark locations into multi-sensory environments to engage guests
  3. Raising awareness of electric cars and increasing sales of the BMW i3
  4. Working with BMW and partner agencies to create an immersive experiential solution


BMW asked us to partner with FCB Inferno to educate the public on the benefits of electric cars. The goal was to increase sales of the BMW i3 through an experience that would spread knowledge and generate engagement – both with the new model and the entire electric car range.


We delivered management and logistics for three activations in London, Glasgow and Liverpool. Using the concept of a carpark experience as a foundation, we created a feasible solution that would engage the public and showcase the differentiating elements of the i3. We worked to transform everyday spaces into immersive, experiential zones inspired by the key benefits of electric cars.


An immersive tunnel which showcased facts, figures and materials specific to the i3 formed the core of the three activations. We built four areas within the carpark zones for guests to experience the light, sound, speed and agility of the i3, delivering AV equipment and host management for the whole experience.


Consumers in three locations took part in the experience across the activation series, which was the first time ever that the business had hosted an experience like this. We worked seamlessly with the BMW team and their agency partner to bring each space to life, resulting in a dynamic public reaction and a change in attitude towards electric cars.

“Seeing the different reactions from the general public and the changes in attitude towards electric cars after the experience are what made it such a special project to be a part of.”

Rebecca Herd, Project Manager, We are Vista

518 customer experiences over three days
Delivered a three-day activation in three UK locations
The first time BMW had hosted an event like this