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A hard-hitting film highlights the consequences of even the smallest errors at EDF Energy.

  1. An emotional and thought-provoking narrative-based short film to shock EDF Energy colleagues
  2. Creative concept centered around the devastating effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  3. Film to be played internally to engineers in training sessions across EDF Energy UK
  4. Marketing materials reinforce the messaging in the film


EDF Energy needed us to create a three-minute film warning inductee EDF Energy engineers of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is where our film team thrives: creating bespoke and emotive short films that capture an audience’s imagination and drive impact through storytelling.


We had to engage all elements of film to create a haunting, emotive and powerful drama, The Hardest Day. Researching our treatment, we drew on various genres and filming styles to create a film noir creative that would resonate with the audience as a recognisable mode of storytelling.


We crafted a screenplay, storyboard and shot list, cast our film, scouted locations, and sourced props and costumes. A bespoke sound design was recorded for the final edit. We collaborated with EDF Energy to ensure an authentic and honest portrayal of engineers and six-point safety checks.


The film was high in production value and yielded a high return on investment. The Hardest Day played internally to engineers in training sessions across the whole of EDF Energy UK, and was later cascaded to various industry conferences.

“We enjoyed collaborating with a great, talented team and found the experience informative and fun. We advised on the technical details and trusted them to deliver the creative. We couldn’t be happier with the film. All the internal feedback so far has been extremely positive.”

Matthew Snell, Technical Engineer (Gas), EDF Energy

Rolled out to all 12,000 engineers at EDF Energy
Featured in eight regional training sessions
Watched by over 30,000 colleagues, industry peers and parliamentarians