How to… identify and retain the best talent

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How to… identify and retain the best talent

We are Vista, Director of Operations, William Sutton is featured in C&IT’s online Recruitment Report, talking about attracting and retaining the industry’s top talent.

Employees are the backbone of every business, but finding talented staff to fit your brand isn’t always an easy task. Whether it’s searching for a candidate with specialist skills or seeking out new graduates with the right personality to succeed, staff recruitment and retention requires careful consideration. We discuss ways to identify and retain the best talent in the industry.

William Sutton, Director of Operations at We are Vista

“To find experienced staff, we ensure that we’re always keeping an eye on the market, so that we can spot individuals who are producing amazing work. We also focus on staff training, and bringing people in on a junior level who can develop within the business. Some of our best talent has grown with us because we have invested in their personal development and training.

We have a slightly unorthodox recruitment process, where we invite prospective candidates to get in touch with us in non-traditional ways. For example, some of our candidates come in for tea and cake and one person actually introduced themselves through an interactive board game.

We have a diverse client base and range of projects, so we want our staff to reflect diversity. We look for people who can bring different ideas to the table and offer unique solutions for our clients.

As well as offering a great benefits package, with healthcare, wellness initiatives, recognition schemes and prizes, we offer people the chance to take part of their working week to focus on personal development.

However, we recognise that retaining talent is more than good benefits and training programmes. At We are Vista, we give people the chance to work with some of the best brands and the most creative minds in the industry, with a huge variety of work to keep employees engaged. We expect people to challenge the status quo and strive to be bolder, bigger and better in everything they do.”