We are Vista launches two sub-brands to combat the gender pay gap

As a brand, we’ve experienced many changes.

We evolved as Vista, we grew to become We are Vista, and with every change of name our offering has continued to grow and expand.

Sadly, our industry remains stuck in the past when it comes to one thing in particular: The gender pay gap.

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Too many women are underpaid for doing the same jobs as their male counterparts, while countless more are left behind in the race for the top jobs.

We’ve decided we can’t simply sit back and watch this happen. We need to act.

That’s why today we’re proud to announce the next chapter of our story: We are Sista and We are Mista.

These two sub-brands will divide our colleagues down the middle, ensuring our female employees are given equal opportunities to rise to the top, while our male staff don’t feel threatened by their presence.

We’re making sure our valued male staff don’t need to worry about their female competition – why should they, when men and women are a completely different species? Now, our gals have their very own agency to feel empowered and inspired by – and the boys have theirs too, because we champion equality.

Our clients will be serviced by the agency best suited to deal with their needs. For example, our automotive brands will be given to We are Mista (for obvious reasons), while our telecoms clients will be given to We are Sista, due to their love of the chat.

The new brands will be represented by new logos – a deep blue for Mista and a garish pink for Sista – and we’ll be assigning half of our studio space to each team. We are Sista girls will even have a designated route to the kitchen on the boys’ side, so they can access the vending machine whenever they need. As long as it’s not for a Yorkie.

A new bathroom for the ladies to primp and preen is a must – along with a gentlemen’s club style lounge, where the lads can relax and talk real business over a stiff drink and game of billiards.

We pride ourselves on our gender inclusivity, and this is just another step to make equality the norm.